Few things on Planet Earth are going through a faster rate of growth and change than Digital Marketing. In fact, even the name keeps evolving. What was once known simply as Internet Marketing morphed into eMarketing, and is now being referred to as Digital Marketing.

BICN Printing & Design Boutique has been maturing alongside the internet since the mid-nineties and continues to do so today. We recognize the difference between fads, trends and upcoming benchmarks as well as the basic need for quick and easy access to desired information.

This page will keep getting updated regularly, so be sure to visit us often.

Cathleen Fillmore, President, Speakers Gold

“BICN has done a lot of design work for me over the years, including book design and web design and I highly recommend them. The owner is a joy to work with and very, very skilled. He's also very funny and that's a bonus!”

Brad Gould, Owner, Finnigan’s Roadhouse, Renfrew

“BICN has taken my restaurant ads and promotions to a brand new level. The owner always understands my visions and brings them to life in a lively fashion with an exceptional turnaround time.”

Monica Magnetti, President, Luna Coaching

“BICN received all my creative ideas with enthusiasm and professional wisdom, then perfected them for the page.”

Lynn Burgess, Director of Client Services, Megram Consulting Inc.

“We’ve been contracting out work to BICN for over two years with great results. We get the timely turnaround our business requires with minimal revisions.”

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